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Any Given Child

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NJ Arts Integration Think and Do Workboo

"Over the last few years, building our CTE (Association for Career and Technology) theatre program has
proven that theatre classes are more than fun and games. Together with our partners and advisory
committee, we are developing a program that will be a pipeline to careers in the entertainment industry. CTE
theatre programs give students confidence, self-awareness and empathy."

~VPA Arts Specialist Felicia Brown

Arts integration has allowed me not only to bring to life meaningful lessons, but also it has presented to me a
marvelous opportunity to connect diverse academic subjects naturally. All content areas are connected and
the Arts integration approach is capable of facilitating this process.  I have had the fortune and honor to
receive the invaluable support I need from my wonderful administrator Miss Hill who firmly believes that
“when everyone involved in arts integration practice makes a personal commitment to nurturing the creative
self, creativity is more likely to thrive…I have made that personal commitment, and I have been able to
inspire my students. Therefore, my students take my class very seriously and are eager to learn and have fun
while learning. To me learning should not be boring, and we all can make this process fun and engaging
through the Arts Integration practice.  Our students have enjoyed and acquired knowledge through
meaningful lessons that have come to life with the help of Arts Integration making it possible for our group of
students to increase academic achievement.

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Here is a great place where administrators are able to find and share resources with one another. 

NAEA Remote Learning Toolkit 3

Preparing for School Year 2020-21 NAEA R
Find more resources in the NAEA Remote Learning Toolkit here.
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