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It is the RIGHT of every child to have

continuous learning through the arts.

- - - - 

It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the entire

Trenton community to provide it.

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Working Group



Arts for

Any Given Child

Any Given Child


Types of Funders/Donors:

  • Individuals
  • Foundations
  • Corporations
  • In-Kind
  • Community Events
The Fundraising (aka Finance) committee oversees, monitors and reports quarterly to the full CAT on the fundraising goals, current grant applications, and all allocations of money to AGC projects.
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We work with the Backbone staff to seek out, apply for, and oversee distribution/allocation of funds for Any Given Child Trenton. Fundraising may include writing grants, soliciting individual donations, or hiring/supervising a freelance fundraising professional among other activities.

Through arts education we will nurture the development of all Trenton students to become creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are motivated and confident individuals.

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2020/2021 GOAL Update:

Kid's Art Supplies

Art Supply Kits for EVERY Child

in preparation for successful, productive VIRTUAL LEARNING 

1.Creative Classroom Funds are distributed to teachers and principals who have applied for these resources. Can be used for supplies, trips, guest artists, or common planning hours outside of school for arts classes and arts integration projects.

2.Teacher Professional Learning Funds are distributed to facilitators to run professional learning sessions, and to teachers to attend arts and arts integration trainings outside of school hours.

3.Administration Funds are used to cover AGCT administration such as fundraising consultants, marketing/PR consultants, project manager time, and CAT meeting materials.

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