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Any Given Child

Any Given Child

        Visual and Performing Arts


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Michael Tofte

TPS Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

Norberto Diaz

TPS Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

Marching drummer
Art Class Girl

Trenton Public Schools Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts Norberto Diaz is interviewed September 22, 2017.

Stage Curtains

TPS VPA Dept. looking ahead for 2020-2021...

Beginning with the end in mind, here is the vision for where the Trenton Public School Visual and Performing Arts department, in partnership with the Arts for Any Given Child Trenton program led by COMPAS, is headed in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Through the use of arts, arts integration and technology, students will be combine music, dance, theatre, visual and media art forms to create virtual performances for all to enjoy. Incorporating the arts with core subject instruction (i.e. language arts, math, science and history), students will gain a greater understanding of these subject areas by doing. Click on the Creating Bolero Julliard link provided to learn more about this incredible program and how we intend to achieve our goal.
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