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It is the RIGHT of every child to have

continuous learning through the arts.

- - - - 

It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the entire

Trenton community to provide it.

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Partnerships Working Group


Any Given Child



Arts for

Any Given Child

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Types of Partnerships:

  • Programming
  • Philanthropic
  • Professional Development
  • Public Relations/Virtual
  • Community Events

Through arts education we will nurture the development of all Trenton students to become creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are motivated and confident individuals.

Students, teachers, and administrators in every school will benefit and learn from regular, robust and learning outcome-centered community arts partnerships in a variety of the arts.
Benefits of Arts Partnerships:
Arts partners bring funding to the table; enable local smaller arts organizations and teaching artists to offer a variety of high quality, greater representative, culturally-diverse, equitable learning experiences to students that compliment the list of existing long-standing, larger, more familiar arts organizations. 
TCHS-VPA Dance Director Liz Z featured i
Teacher Assisting a Student
Cute Girl in Classroom
Desired States of Partnerships Working Group:
As stakeholders with an understanding of and ability to address obstacles presently facing arts partners eager to get involved in educating Trenton Public School students, we strive to work with school administrators/coordinators to:
A) Help them recognize and value arts partnerships (i.e. capacity building, arts integration, etc.)
B) Collaborate with and utilize arts partners as part of a robust and ongoing professional development strategy for arts learning and arts integration in their respective schools
C) Introduce and invite them to include lesser-known local arts partners and teaching artists to engage their students as well as to existing arts organizations and programs in the district. 
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