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Any Given Child

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Great News!!! We've been busy purchasing thousands of art supplies thanks to the generosity of our caring donors! Take a look at the progress happening  behind the scenes.
STAY TUNED for some important announcements regarding dates and times we will be needing volunteers to help with assembling the art kits. What better reason to come together safely and socially than for a great cause like this one!
What better way to teach a child the ART of Giving than...

Helping to supply each child with a neatly organized personal ARTS Supply Kit perfect for virtual learning.

Art Class
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Washingon Elementary


Art Teacher

Lori Barstow





Local volunteers from the youth group "Xinos and Kudos" help to bundle colored pencils for the art kits.  

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No Problem.
At home learning? 
Art supplies needed? 
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Our Solution...
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Here is a simple and effective way for every student to master this NEW "at home learning thingy."  We already know that achieving successful remote/virtual learning begins with making sure that:1) every STUDENT has the proper, age-appropriate tools needed (in this case, art supplies); 2) EVERY (Art) TEACHER prepares lessons with the assurance that ALL their students have the basic art supplies needed; and 3) EVERY PARENT knows where their child/children keep their art supplies.


We have created giving levels to make the purchase of art supplies for EVERY SINGLE CHILD easy. The simplicity of this ask gives donors an immediate clear picture of what their money will support; and really then just becomes a matter of when and how ALL students will receive their individual arts supply kits.

   Join our growing list of Donors/Sponsors        


Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation  $10.000

Thank You!!
A Natural Girl


New Jersey Arts and Culture Recovery Fund (PACF)



Robin Bridges Johnson

Georgia Brenner Koenig

San Lamons

Annette H Lartigue

Sharon Levy

Phil Lewis

Kathleen Hurley Liao

Wendy Liscow

Estelle Matthews

Georgeanne Moss

Vikki Ott

Pat Parrish

Barbara Pervin



Ivey Avery

Ellen Gould Baber

Nancy Becker

Rose Diggs-Bennett

Erica Benson

Gene Bouie

Brenda D. Brown


Latarsha Williams Burke

Irene Franze Colligan

Sophia Daly

Elise Day

Jo Carolyn Dent-Clark

Andrew Giraldi

Tesha Goodson

Jim Gordon


Barry Hamilton

Torrance Hill

Maleika Holder

Kelly Ingram

Jacqui Ivey

Rodney Timothy Jenkins

Dianna Jennings

Deniece Johnson


Diane Peterson

Anna Pizzileo

Sharen Popkin

Mary Reece

Stephani Register

Adriane Ridley

Timothy Robinson

Amini Sababu

Carolyn Stetson

Annett Taylor

Sarita Wilson

Joan E. York



E Hodo and A Momolu Educational Foundation

Elementary School ARTS (Grades K-5)

Supplies Include: Sketch pad, Construction paper pack, Metallic Sharpie, White glue, Crayons, Model Magic (multicolor individual packets), Markers, White (80lb. drawing paper, Ruler, Scissors, Colored pencils, Glue stick(s), Pencil/Crayon dual sharpener, Eraser, Watercolor paint set, Sharpie, Paint Brush, Paper Tray, Art Supply Caddy, Crayon Container, Chubby pencils (adaptive), Chubby crayons (Adaptive)


TOTAL STUDENTS (Grades K-5): 7,135

Total Cost: $178,660


Per ESA Kit: $25 


Middle School ARTS (Grades 6-8)

Supplies Include: 9"x12" Paper (60lb.), No. 2 Pencils, flexible 12" ruler, Crayola Marker Set of ROYGBP, White (80lb. drawing paper, Crayola Color pencils set of ROYGBP, 5"x7" Index cards, Elmer's Glue sticks, Mini Elmer's Glue-Wet, Pencil sharpener (small/mini ones), Erasers, Charcoal Pencils, Black Sharpie Marker (not fine tip), Tempera Paint CAKE Set of 9 colors, Paint Brushes -Synthetic Hair (Set of Small, Medium, Big), Paper Tray, Art Supply Caddy, Pencil Container, Crayola Metallic Marker Set

TOTAL STUDENTS (Grades 6-8): 2,530


Total Cost: $61,327

Cost per MSA kit:  $24

High School ARTS

Supplies Include: Sketchbook or paper, Drawing Pencil Kit w/Sharpener and eraser), Colored Pencils, Fine Point Sharpies, Ruler, Watercolors/brush kit, Glue Sticks, Scissors

TOTAL STUDENTS (Grades 6-8): 400


Total Cost: $9,223


Cost per HSA kit: $23

 Colorful Bird
Cartoon Animal


$10,000 - $24,999 


$5,000 - 9,999 


$25 - $999 

   Donor Giving Level Tiers  

Super Sponsor

$50,000 and above


$25,000 - $49,000


$1,000 - $4,999 

It's not too late to give! 

It's not too late to give! 

   It's not too late to give!!! Get in on all the fun!!      

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